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The description of the assets for each category is detailed in the following table:

Nr. Category / Asset Class Description of Assets
I Materials / Equipment Shelters
II Telecom (TELCO) Multiplexer, Microwave Equipment (MW), GSM Antenna, Antenna (MW), HLR, MSS, MGW, SGSN, GGSN, Repeaters, BTS, BSC, RNC, NMS, VAS, , access control system, DCN, ODF & DDF, generators, transformers, power supply systems for the sites, batteries, central air conditioning systems, siteair conditioners, RAN tools.
III Office furniture Office furniture (desks, operator chairs, shelves, visitor chairs, drawers, etc.) and other office furniture accessories.
IV IT Equipment,photocopiers, MFP Printers, UPS, Servers, Routers, Network Switches, Racks, Scanners, Access Points, Other IT Equipment etc.
V Vehicles Vehicles
VI Platform VAS Platform, Platform NMS, Core, BSC, RNC, CRM, Billing, OSS and other administrative platforms

After completing the above application, the authorized persons must be contacted by PLUS;

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PLUS Communication Sh.A.
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